How do you get wealth into the hands of the lowest-income worker without taking it away from anyone else? Employee Ownership.

Participatory Capitalism

Our capitalist model is a powerful system that can create enormous benefits for those who hold and deploy capital. But individuals who don’t have money to invest are excluded from these benefits.

Employee ownership can change that.

Investing in Resilience

Investing in the resilience of workforces unleashes worker potential and productivity.
It opens the doors to wealth participation and ensures job security.
It keeps vital businesses alive within their communities.
It closes the racial and gender wealth gap and creates generational wealth for marginalized workers.
Photo of a man and a woman on a construction site reviewing a document

Indigenous, Black, racialized Canadians, and women are disproportionately represented in the lowest income and wealth brackets.

But when employees from all income levels become owners, workers at the bottom of the income curve can accumulate capital, participate fully in our economic system, and benefit from their contributions at work.

We are a women-owned, woman-led team that is dedicated to creating employee owners.