Rewrite Capital Advisors

We help business owners sell to their employees.

Rewrite Capital is an advisory firm dedicated to converting businesses to employee ownership.
Photo of a diverse team of employees
Employee ownership

Over the next ten years, 3 out of every 4 small and medium businesses in Canada will change hands.

Is yours one of them?
Do you know that selling to your employees is a viable succession plan?

Through employee ownership, business owners protect their legacy.

By lifting up their employees, owners stay loyal to the people who helped make their business a success.

Owners can realize the full value of their business while employees benefit financially.

Employee Ownership Trusts allow employees to acquire company shares through a leveraged buyout.

Employees don’t need to buy those shares with their own money.

That means all employees can participate, including those with low incomes and low savings.
If you’re considering selling your business,
you can be a part of this transformational shift in wealth redistribution and access. Your employees become the buyer you’ve always dreamed of.