When you work with Rewrite Capital Advisors, you work with the architects of Canada’s EOT.

We are a women-owned, women-led M&A advisory team dedicated to creating employee owners.
We have the financial and operational experience, industry relationships and insight, to transform companies into vibrant, employee-owned and engaged businesses. 
We believe in preserving the legacy and loyalty of business owners, and securing the financial future of their teams.
Leadership team

Tiara Letourneau

Co-Founder & CEO
Tiara is known for designing elegant business strategies for complex situations. Her early career was focused on creating services for small and medium businesses in low-income countries, which later transitioned to designing international financial services to deliver investment where it most benefits businesses and communities.

Tiara has extensive experience in finance and operational strategy. She holds a Masters of Finance from Cambridge University. In 2010, she was awarded an Action Canada Fellowship and chaired the Action Canada Task Force on Canadian Household Debt. She was also awarded a Financial Leader’s Award in 2014 from the People’s Bank of China School of Finance at Tsinghua University, Beijing. She helped design the United Nations Green Climate Fund (the $100 billion financial mechanism for the Paris Agreement) and the creation of its Private Sector Facility. She now designs employee ownership transformation strategies, to help Canadians protect their businesses and employees.
Photo of Tiara Letourneau
Leadership team

Jennifer Ouano

Co-Founder & President
Jennifer flourishes when she can help business leaders lean into their strengths, support them as they grow their businesses, and bear witness as they thrive. As a serial entrepreneur, she has successfully grown and sold her startups, with the most recent being one of the world’s leading podcast services companies, Pacific Content, which sold to Rogers Communications in 2019. If only Jennifer had known about the option of employee ownership, that sale would have taken a very different route.

As an award-winning producer, director, storyteller and entrepreneur, Jennifer has carved her own path through business savvy and visionary creative direction, spanning media, film and documentaries, gaming, experiential and spatial design, and recently as a podcast industry leader. As an impact investor and philanthropist, Jennifer hopes that her work leads to positive social change and a more equitable future, especially for BIPOC communities.
Photo of Jennifer Ouano
EO transactions are complex and require knowledgeable deal leaders who understand the sale. Let us be your partners.

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