How do you protect your company when it’s time to sell the business?
By selling to your employees.

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We help middle-market companies in Canada transition ownership to their employees.

Rewrite Capital Advisors can help you assess if an Employee Ownership Trust is a fit for your company and guide you through the process, from soup to nuts. Working with us, you join the most knowledgeable business service providers in the employee ownership space.




The Feasibility Study
Employee Ownership requires stability, leadership and cash flow constraints to make the transition work.
We conduct a detailed feasibility study to determine if employee ownership is right for your company. Then we get you ready for it.
The sale
Selling to your employees is still selling the business. It requires due diligence, valuations, legal, tax, accounting, and financial support.
We lead you through the process and make the transaction easy.
After the transaction, your employees are the new owners. But what does that mean? Successful transitions require training and ongoing development for employees, managers, leaders, and boards.
We help teams navigate these workplace changes, think and act like owners, and build new corporate cultures, so that their work is more meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable.
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Great companies design their culture to reinforce their most important goals. Changing ownership is the perfect moment to redefine those goals.
By harnessing the power of employee ownership, companies have the opportunity to rethink and redesign all areas of operations after the sale of the business.
Rewrite Capital Advisors works with employee owners to transform a business’s DNA and bring it to a new level of performance and capability.
EO transactions are complex and require knowledgeable deal leaders who understand the sale. Let us be your partners.

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